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Our team of highly qualified professionals can help you develop your medical reputation in a predefined region and increase the visibility of your practice to potential new patients. Moreover, we will give you the necessary boost to generate credibility through designs based on realistic and transparent strategies. All this, under a brilliant preliminary analysis to achieve real results.

Discover the passionate story of the birth of Sanistas!

The Founder of Sanistas

Imad Belak is the founder of the Sanistas agency, specializing in health marketing. Equipped with proven professional conscience, he excels in rapid adaptation and familiarity with his collaborators. With 10 years of experience in management, digital marketing, and e-commerce, Imad has developed versatile expertise focused on brand creation and promotion. After a series of events, fate led the founder to take a close interest in the world of health. Passionate about digital marketing since 2010, Imad Belak wanted to create a web marketing agency entirely dedicated to the healthcare sector. His passion for the health sector is reflected in his commitment to professional excellence and innovation, making him a dynamic leader in his field.

“Together, let’s shape the future of health. Your medical expertise deserves exceptional visibility, and our health marketing is the means to share your positive impact with the world.”

Founder & CEO Sanistas

Imad Belak​

Why Our Agency?

Sanistas offers a 360 vision with a set of digital solutions for healthcare professionals. Our expertise in the healthcare market for nearly 10 years guarantees quality work that meets the needs of your patients while preserving your image and personal visual identity. The needs of healthcare professionals have evolved in Morocco after the COVID-19 era.

Since the pandemic, the digitalization of various health systems has become essential. Our agency closely examines the daily problems faced by practitioners and health organizations, especially in terms of organization.

We aim to make your patients’ medical experience as pleasant as possible!

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