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Sanistas by Seomaniak

The story of Sanistas is marked by a passion for transforming communication in the health sector by staying at the forefront of trends and technologies in a constantly evolving field. Thanks to our strong partnerships in the medical field, we have been able to develop in-depth expertise in marketing and communication specifically tailored to the needs of the health sector.

Our goals are centered on empowering health professionals by enhancing their digital presence, expanding their reach, and optimizing their communication efforts.

Why Choose Sanistas?

Opt for Sanistas and benefit from specialized expertise in medical marketing. We offer tailored solutions to promote your health practice, increase your visibility, and attract new patients. With an ethical and professional approach, we ensure that your medical reputation remains impeccable. Thanks to our experienced team, you will receive personalized digital marketing services and effective marketing strategies to stand out in the medical field. Choose Sanistas to propel your success and make your medical practice shine.

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Our Services

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Medical Branding and Graphics

Our team of experienced graphic designers creates your logo, your editorial line, and develops a color palette to match your image. Additionally, we advise you on your communication strategy to improve your reputation within your profession. We personalize your visual identity to reflect your professionalism in the health sector. Enhance your medical presence with unique designs tailored to your medical field. Our teams are here to listen to you!


Medical Advertising Campaigns

Design of your online advertising campaigns (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads…) and offline (flyers, business cards, posters…). We define an advertising strategy tailored to your case and implement this strategy with a well-defined action plan. From analysis to conversion, we optimize your digital visibility to attract a new targeted clientele. Team up with us for a powerful online presence and lasting results.


medical marketing agency
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Digital Health: Discover Our App

Do you know about e-health? For the first time in Morocco, access our medical appointment management application to better organize yourself. Save time and facilitate treatment follow-up for your patients with the Sanistas application. Discover the features here.


Social Media Management

Social Media Management in the medical field offers a dynamic digital presence for health professionals on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. Sanistas understands the crucial importance of online visibility, which is why we are also committed to optimizing your Google My Business listings as they are essential for enhancing local presence, allowing potential patients to easily find your office or clinic. We maximize the impact of your social networks and GMB listings to position you as a trusted medical expert by increasing your visibility in the health sector.


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Marketing Consulting

The Health Marketing Consulting service at Sanistas offers detailed expertise to elevate the visibility of health professionals. Our expert consultants provide an in-depth consultation process to understand the specifics of each medical practice. We develop customized plans, integrating a deep understanding of the medical sector with innovative marketing strategies.


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specialized medical marketing agency
specialized health marketing agency

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